Trade Mark Registration

Apply for Trademark Protection in Turkey:
The protection for trademarks in Turkey is available for individual and legal persons who are domiciled or who have industrial or commercial establishments within the territory of the Turkish Republic, or to the persons who have application rights resulting from the terms of the Paris or Bern Conventions or the Agreement Establishing World Trade Organization. Individual or legal persons other than those referred above, who are nationals of states which accord legal and de facto protection to the nationals of the Turkish Republic shall enjoy according to the reciprocity principle trademark protection in Türkiye.

Basically, there are two ways of applying for a trademark protection in Turkey:
1)Direct application to Turkish Patent Institute: The first way of making a trademark registration application is to file an application directly to Turkish Patent Institute.
Those who are domiciled outsideTurkey-except for those making an application through the Madrid Protocol- can only be represented by trademark agents who are authorized to act before the Institute.

2) International applications through the Madrid System: The second alternative for making a trademark application in Turkey is to use the Madrid System which is administered by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). Madrid system is formed by two treaties complementing eachother. These treaties are the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol. Turkey is a member of the Protocol only. Therefore, it accepts applications from the States which are party to the Protocol only or from the States which are party to both the Agreement and the Protocol. In both cases, the governing treaty for the international applications filed to Turkish Patent Institute is the Madrid Protocol.

Who can benefit from the Madrid System?
An international application can be made by natural or legal persons who have a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment in a State party to the Madrid Protocol (or both the Protocol and the Agreement) or who are nationals of or domiciled in that State. In order to obtain international registration, it is compulsory to have a registered trademark or a pending application for registration in the Office of origin; and expansion on the list of goods and/or services of this basic registration or basic application is not possible.