KOSGEB Grants & Supports

Purpose and Rationale of the Program:

Of entrepreneurship and successful businesses in the community and continuing to establish the promotion of entrepreneurship

The program consists of four parts:

Applied Entrepreneurship Training: Training occurs a total of 70 hours, 24-hour workshop is working. Free and open to public attendance. Provide places of business start-up entrepreneurs in accordance with a business plan that will establish a place of business and is intended to increase the likelihood of success.

There are four kinds of practical entrepreneurship education:

  • training organized by KOSGEB
  • The training conducted by KOSGEB under national or international projects
  • The training organized by various institutions and organizations making KOSGEB cooperation
  • Education provided in the formal education provided by universities
  • New Entrepreneur Support: The support from
  • Applied entrepreneurship training,
  • KOSGEB Young Entrepreneur Development Program or
  • Setting Up a Small Business Advisory Support (KÖİDD) Utility

completing the training program or participating in the business of establishing and documenting entrepreneurs and businesses in the İŞGEM Elements of yararlanabilir.